Rumor alert: Google SPRINTING to unveil a new wireless data service

Google: Taking over the world, bit by bit?

Just in nick of time -- and a scant day after the introduction of "mobile friendly" page rank -- rumors abound that a large Internet company will unveil a new "mobile friendly" wireless network service today. This company, known as Google -- also called GOOG by Wall Street types -- has allegedly been working on its plan to create a new wireless data network for months.

Amazed at the fortuitous timing of these two events, bloggers fill us in with further details.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reach once more for their mobiles.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

John Ribeiro unwraps Google's (rumored) wireless plan:

Google could take the wraps off of its wireless service as soon as Wednesday, sparking new competition by charging customers only for the amount of data they use.

The service will be offered in the U.S. through a partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile, who have agreed to carry traffic, [according to the The Wall Street Journal], citing people familiar with the plans.  MORE

Rock us Ron Amadeo: [You're fired -Ed.]

As [Google's wireless] is currently described, we think Google will have a hard time being "disruptive" when it's only reselling someone else's service. Any Sprint and T-Mobile MVNO would be at the mercy of...Sprint and T-Mobile.  MORE

By and large, Sam Byford may like what Google has to offer:

Like Google Fiber, Mountain View's foray into high-speed broadband, the wireless service won't be a mainstream offering -- at least at first.

[Sprint] reportedly had concerns...with chairman Masayoshi Son said to have agreed...under the condition of volume limits that allow for renegotiation if Google's service becomes too big.  MORE

And Matt Rosoff can squeeze every last byte out of a data plan:

Google will use other companies' wireless provide bandwidth, then offer it under a new pricing scheme where users will be credited for the data they don't use. The service is also expected to let people make calls via Wi-Fi networks.

Those features could put the squeeze on big wireless phone companies like Verizon and AT&T.  MORE

Martin Bryan believes we shouldn't get too excited...not yet anyway:

While US consumers are said to waste money on unused data they pre-bought, charging by the megabyte isn't exactly new...and the appeal of Google's service could all depend on the pricing.  MORE

Meanwhile, Chance Miller shakes his wireless carrier:

Last week, images of an alleged companion app for Google Wireless emerged, showing that users would only pay for the data they used in a given month.

Google launching an MVNO makes perfect sense and would give the wireless industry the shake-up that it needs. All we're waiting for now is an official announcement.  MORE

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