Apple’s iPhone 7 rumors really are the best yet

iPhone users are in for (another) treat

apples iphone 7 rumors really are the best yet

A spate of recent reports claim Apple will deliver so many enhancements with its next major iPhone iteration that it intends skipping its customary 'S-series' nomenclature to introduce the product as “iPhone 7." I asked the rumor mill what we should expect from the device, this is what it said:


Expect new metal processes, faster processors, super-advanced digital imaging technology, major improvements to the UI (such as Force Touch), and of course (as ever) the device to be lighter, slimmer and stronger than before.

One Chinese language title claims Apple intends using metal alloys it developed while creating the Apple Watch in its new smartphone – that’s significant in many ways:

  • I imagine these processes are a product of the company’s exclusive deal with Liquid Metal.
  • The new iPhone’s body will be around 60 percent stronger than today's.
  • Apple has been working to develop sapphire displays – will the company get it right in the next 5-inch OLED display iteration?
  • It is likely the metal will be blasted with zirconia beads, so you can expect a simply stunning finish.

Force Touch

As recently as last week, frequently accurate Apple KGI Securities analyst/seer, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted Force Touch will appear in the device (confirming an earlier report in the Wall Street Journal). 

“We believe that iPhone’s Force Touch sensor doesn’t directly detect the pressure applied by fingers. Instead, it monitors the contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is,” said Ming-Chi Kuo as reported by MacRumors.

Of course, support for Force Touch could conceivably make the removal of the Home button on future models a possibility; in this model, your display would be capable of sensing a Force Touch and treating this like a stab at the Home button. There have been years of rumors Apple may take such a step in order to maximize usable display space.


Daring Fireball last year predicted this generation of iPhone would deliver “the biggest camera jump ever." Putting together recent evidence, it seems Apple intends on making the camera inside future iPhones capable of DSLR-like image capture -- even in low light -- with minimal camera shake.

Apple recently spent $20 million on the acquisition of LinX, a company developing advanced camera sensors. Computerworld notes that in comparison with iPhone 5S, Linx technology has “significantly better color fidelity, much sharper and cleaner images and, above all, very good performance at very low light levels with hardly any visual noise at all.”

There are other claims to consider:

  • Recent patent filings suggesting Apple is developing image stabilization technologies.
  • Previous claims of a dual-lens camera system promising up to DSLR quality image capture using your iPhone (Linx uses multiple cameras, so I think this is confirmed now).


Processor technology won’t lag. I’ve written about this before – iOS 9: Apple’s desktop-class smartphones – so don’t be too surprised to see the new OS released in combination with a processor powerful enough to run a new MacBook. Those 64-bit apps already de rigeur on iOS will run like butter from a hot knife.

Performance should also be boosted by AppleInsider claims that future model will carry 2GB of RAM. This will demand battery life improvements in order to maintain current standby times.

That's a lot to look forward to. Faster, more powerful, and more capable than before, the thinner, lighter, tougher iPhone 7 rumors really do seem to be the best yet.

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