Renewing vows, Yahoo and Bing renegotiate terms of search deal

Search partners: Is Satya as happy as Marissa?

A little over a year ago, bloggers were chin-wagging about a rumored Yahoo-Bing breakup. Mentioned too, was Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer and her secret love...for search projects "Fast Break" and "Curveball." Fast forward to yesterday, Mayer again confirmed the alliance with Microsoft exists and everything is great.

However...bloggers know something's changed between Yahoo and Bing, find out, then proceed to explain exactly what it is.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers heard it from a friend.

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Mary Jo Foley dabbles in different projects from time to time:

Yahoo didn't end up completely wriggling out of its 10-year search pact with Microsoft, as a number of Microsoft watchers had been expecting to happen this month. But the search partnership between the two has been altered.

Yahoo has been working quietly for over a year to attempt to find a way back into the search game. Yahoo has been dabbling in a variety of search projects focusing on stream, shopping and mobile/contextual search and search personalization, according to various reports.  MORE

Kieren McCarthy! Rubs! his! hands! in! glee!:

Yahoo! is rubbing its hands at the thought of extracting more ad revenue from people using its Bing-powered search engine -– after tweaking its 10-year deal with Microsoft.

That means that Yahoo can start supplying ads from its own network, or try to strike a deal with Google to get more money that it is currently getting from Microsoft.  MORE

Peter Bright finds any way he can to deliver:

The companies are also reorganizing their ad sales efforts. Microsoft will now exclusively sell the ads delivered by Bing ads, and Yahoo will sell ads shown through its own Gemini platform.

This new deal comes days after comScore estimated that Bing took 20.1 percent of US search traffic in March. [The] highest share...since its June 2009 launch. Yahoo, powered by Bing, had 12.7 percent, and 64.4 percent.  MORE

Straight from the horse's mouth:

Today, I'm excited to announce a renewed search alliance with Microsoft. The agreement opens up significant opportunities in our partnership, enabling both partners to improve the search experience, create value for advertisers, and establish ongoing stability for partners.

I want to thank Satya Nadella and his team for working closely with us over the past few months to rejuvenate our partnership.  MORE

Meanwhile, Christian de Looper innovates on a higher level:

Yahoo will be able to innovate on a much higher level when it comes to search. This has been a goal of CEO Marissa Mayer since she first took the reigns at [Yahoo].

What does this all mean for Google? Well, to date, Yahoo has been a little locked up, meaning we will now be able to see what [it] is really capable of. It's unlikely [we will see] Yahoo take down the likes of Google within the next...few years, [but it] does mean Yahoo now has a lot more room to grow.  MORE

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