Download iOS 8.4 NOW -- 'beautiful' new beta is next Apple seed

iOS 8.4 beta: Music app plays songs without a Beat

Forget Apple's iOS 8.3, that's old news. Why? Yesterday, Apple released iOS 8.4 beta, temporarily making version 8.3 -- along with every other iOS version -- beneath consideration in the minds of Apple bloggers.  

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make noise about music apps.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Shaun Nichols starts off with a bit of snark:

Apple has released beta builds of iOS 8.4, now the latest version available for registered developers.

The Cupertino idiot-tax operation announced the release of the build on Monday.

The beta release comes just days after Apple unleashed the final release of iOS 8.3 on the public.  MORE

Brittany Hillen's music sounds pretty good:

Apple has pushed out the iOS 8.4 beta update, [with]...a revamped Music app, one that Apple touts as being "beautiful" and, of course, easier to use than the previous version without sacrificing functionality.

In addition to being able to more easily use iTunes Radio, iOS 8.4 beta's new Music app brings with it a new MiniPlayer, which lends the playback control and details on what is currently playing.  MORE

Chance Miller queues up for a playlist:

When you first open the new Music app you'll quickly notice that the standard tabbed interface has been changed dramatically. Along the bottom of the app are now three tabs for "My Music," "Playlists," and "Radio."

One of my favorite features in the iOS 8.4 Music app is the ability to manage your queue of songs.  MORE

Husain Sumra visits a library:

Apple has also made changes to how it handles audiobooks in the new beta, moving playback from the Music app to the iBooks app.

Currently, in iOS 8.3, a users' audiobook library is divorced from their ebook library, forcing users to use two different apps to access their entire digital book library. The new update consolidates all books in Apple's iBook app.  MORE

Jason Snell shares good news with a friend:

Looks like iOS 8.4 will include this feature from [Dan Moren's] Wish List.  MORE

Meanwhile, early adopter Rene Ritchie finds an adapter: [You're fired -Ed.]

iOS 8.4 beta. Where's that USB-C to A adapter...  MORE

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