LG G4 leaks: 'Gorgeous' Android flagship in real leather (and fake carbon fiber)

These colorful beasts are the LG G4, we think

LG G4 leak

If you're waiting to see what the next LG flagship phone looks like, wait no longer. Here's the LG G4, in all its leather-clad glory. It's no clone.

The secret site the images were snarfed from didn't give much of a clue about the hardware specs -- what was there were clearly placeholders -- but if you like stitched leather, you'll love the G4.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are in two minds.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Pedro Peguero Jr. takes a leak all over Google Plus: [You're fired -Ed.]

LG G4 in all of its glory.

Images are legit.  MORE

Evan "evleaks" Blass clarifies:

Specs are G3, but images seem accurate.  MORE

And Michael Crider cries wolf:

Thanks to the fanatical culture that's grown up around mobile technology, we haven't been truly surprised by a new device in years. [But] Last night an LG "micro site" was briefly [visible], and it leaves very little of the G4 to the imagination.

The G4 follows LG's relatively simple aesthetic: nothing but logos on the front, with a single speaker grille and the power and volume button cluster beneath the camera on the back. ... LG seems to be the very last of the major Android manufacturers to keep a removable battery option on its flagship. ... LG is showing off multiple shades of leather on the rear [with] a stitched seam running right down the middle.

The dimensions...with a 5.5" screen: 149.1mm x 75.3mm x 8.9mm.  MORE

But baRRy boRRis is in two minds:

A...good quality leather back could be a pretty good idea...feel pretty good in the hand and have better scratch/drop protection.

But the stitching down the middle? Urghh even Samsung haven’t stooped that low.  MORE

A slightly cynical Gary Bailey wonders how leaky this "leak" actually was:

Strategically leaked I would say. [The fact] that Samsung had released the Galaxy S6 last week wouldn't have any thing to do with it. maybe to cash on some of the Customers who are not happy enough with Samsung lack of design change perhaps.  MORE

Naturally, Nirave Gondhia likes leather:

LG has taken inspiration from Samsung's Note range. [It] also include[s] a pseudo carbon fiber weave on the front.

The standout feature seems to be the camera - which LG has previously revealed themselves - and this will correct the biggest issue with the G3.  MORE

Summarizing, Kellen Barranger calls the leak "massive":

My lord.

We can expect two versions...one with a traditional plastic cover, and another...with leather. The plastic cover...will come in at least three colors...white, grey, and gold. [And] the leather version...in black, brown, red, light blue, gold, and yellow.

The 16MP camera...includes an F1.8 aperture lens that LG claims captures more natural images, thanks to its “Color Spectrum Sensor” ...and the previously announced manual mode.

As for the display...it measures in at 5.5-inches and with a QHD resolution, but LG is calling it a “Quantum” display [that] deliver[s] “brilliant, crisp images” that are “rich and authentic in color,” while also remaining energy efficient.  MORE

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