Which smartwatch sucks least? Apple Watch, Android Wear, Pebble, Samsung Gear?

Wake me up before you go, yo (I'm not planning on going YOLO)

Reviews of Tim's Apple Watch are pouring in, mixing like oil and water. Most reviewers agree that Apple's new shiny timepiece isn't fully perfected. That being said, the chief contention among reviews relate to degree and magnitude of imperfection. In other words, many reviewers can't agree on (if or by) how much the Apple Watch sucks.

So what would make the ideal smartwatch? These qualities are highly regarded: Accurate time keeping, long battery life, intuitive interface. Package in a nice stylish way, thank you. Create an intelligent timepiece with the best qualities of the "watch," that troglodytic device still worn by people everywhere, almost always outside Silicon Valley.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are separated by degrees of separation.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

John Gruber recounts the suck of yore:

It wasn't just pre-iPod "MP3 players" that sucked, it was all portable music players that sucked.

Pre-iPhone mobile phones were either dumb phones that didn't do much other than make phone calls...or "smartphones" that at best did one thing well -- text messaging -- and in most cases did nothing well.

This time, the established market -- watches -- is not despised. They not only don't suck, they are beloved. And the...most-beloved watches aren't even electronic. They're purely mechanical.  MORE

Sam Thielman isn't tinged with gratitude:

[Nearly] three weeks before its official release, Cupertino's PR machine has allowed a select few to exercise their wrists in praise of the [Apple Watch].

Many reviews appear tinged with gratitude for having been granted early access to the tech world's hottest device.

The real reviews will start on 24 April when customers decide whether or not they have the cash, or the wrist space, for the Apple Watch.   MORE

Matthew Yglesias waves to a meteorite in Tunguska:

The first wave of Apple Watch reviews are out...and they are generally not stellar.

None of today's reviews seem to dispute...that Apple has...made the best smartwatch around. Nor do they really seem to dispute that it could be cool to carry around a computer on your wrist. That leaves Apple in a fundamentally strong position to sell millions and millions of watches over the years.  MORE

Scott Stein finds the land before the battery dies time:

The Apple Watch arrives in a landscape filled with things for your wrist. How does it stack up? Great in some ways, and not so wonderfully in others. Let's look at the closest competition and see.  MORE

Responding to Brutal, Nicholas Carlson comes to praise a review, not bury it:

Apple Watch reviews are out today.

At first, they seem positive.

But once you start getting into the details of what the reviewers say, it's clear: the reviews are brutal.  MORE

Speaking of reviews, Ben Carr probably con-carrs with many of 'em:

Allow me to give you the one sentence summary of every single Apple Watch review published today: It's the best wearable on the market, but it's expensive and inessential.

[If] the Apple Watch is to gain traction and become a real contributor to Apple's bottom line, it will have to find [features] that make it a must-have..  MORE

Meanwhile, Abdel Ibrahim opens a huge flaming can of fanboy worms:

The Verge ratings

Moto 360: 8.1

Apple Watch: 7

Verge: "Apple Watch is the best smartwatch"   MORE

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