#Apple Watch on fire as smartwatch sells out fast

A product that hasn't yet shipped is selling out, while queues form to visit stores where the smartwatch isn't for sale. Weird, or wonderful?

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Apple has yet another success on its hands.

Sell out

Think about it. It seems Apple has already sold out of a product that hasn’t officially shipped. And even though you can’t buy the product in an Apple Retail store, hundreds are already waiting in line just to take a look at this “most personal” device.

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#AppleWatch is the hottest trend on Twitter this morning, and everyone who thinks the world needs their opinion is pugilisticaly pounding their point: A clamor of “Apple Watch is lovely”; “it’s ugly”, “Want”.

(Ever the joker, Samsung today finally got to say: “It is with great delight that Apple has followed us into that market,” on strength of the ten or so people who bought its preemptive Apple Watch imitators.)

Other Apple fans are already racing to luxury outlets such as Selfridges in the UK to explore the Apple Watch stores-inside-a-store for the ostentatiously wealthy. (Who will soon have other choices, including an Intel-powered TAG Heuer watch running another mobile OS).

It’s all rock ‘n’ roll.

Argus Insights CEO, John Feland, this week said: "We have seen a couple of remarkable Apple Watch spikes -- when it was first introduced of course and then when it was launched with details in March -- but aside from those two periods, there has not been a sustained level of consumer interest compared to Android Wear or FitBit.”

He’s not the only one to see limited interest – the analysts at UBS believe shoppers are less interested in the Apple Watch than other recent Apple releases.

That analysis is flawed, of course. Apple Watch is aimed solely at that tiny fragment of humanity that owns a compatible iPhone.

This morning’s evidence shows Apple has done a great job reaching that specific market segment. (I believe Apple will finesse the Apple Watch OS in this release, and will add a built-in processor and 4G SIM in future as battery life improves to support them).

Long wait, no watch

Now the V.1 product is more or less here (except it won’t ship till later) consumers want to press the preorder button, but unless you made your order by 3:45am EST you won’t be getting one this month. Waiting times have already hit six weeks or more.

In other words, that Apple Watch you pay for today won’t actually get to you until June. Edition models won’t ship till August.

If you don’t want to wait you can always get hold of cheap Apple Watch imitations that are riding the hype cycle. Some of these even make calls.


Imitators don’t make the fashion magazines, though. Apple has spent millions courting the fashion press, and this attempt seems to be paying off, just check the latest “Apple Watch: 10 things you might not know” article Vogue published this very morning.

Neither will those imitation watches make it through the durability tests iPhonefixed put an Apple Watch through this week. The Apple smartwatch is “virtually impossible to scratch,” they said.

You’d have to be blind to ignore the sheer amount of heavy hype and millions in marketing the company is ploughing into this release. Developers are deeply immersed in the product.


Apple has its eyes on the game, summed up by UBS who say, “Longer term we expect the Watch to become an important way to interact with the Internet of Things. Early examples are opening a hotel door or using Apple Pay. As sensors surround us, there will an advantage to having an external wearable that is a direct interface.”

Welcome to the wearable Internet of Things.

This is just the beginning.

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