ALL TWEET roundup: Twitter unveils REVAMPED QUOTES (Please RT)

Twitter quotes: A wilderness of mirrors.

A handful of hours ago, Twitter rolled out its new "revamped quote" functionality. Predictably, bloggers immediately began using the new feature, while at the same time sharing their pointed critiques with followers. So, given this vast pool of bloggy commentary, we've selected only the choicest tweets for inclusion in today's all-Twitter edition of IT Blogwatch.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers make comments about comments.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

Chance Miller rolls with a new feature:

Twitter unveils revamped 'quote tweet' functionality, rolling out to iOS & web users today.  MORE

Anil Dash's tweets work best with a dictionary:

The new [twitter] support for quoted tweets is part of a long history of trying to make transclusion work on the web.  MORE

Elizabeth Evans no longer excuses "RT" behavior:

Twitter's added a place to comment when you RT, so no excuses for jacking someone's tweet w/your own avi, even if you type "RT."   MORE

Straight from the bird's beak:

Say more with revamped quote Tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android.  MORE

We find Owen Williams all a-twitter: [You're fired -Ed.]

What kind of hell has Twitter unleashed.  MORE

Nabil Al-Sayed says thanks, even after waiting:

Finally retweet with a comment! Thank you [Twitter it's] about time.  MORE

Meanwhile, Zac Hall isn't -- ugh -- pleased:

New Twitter feature doesn't work on official iPad app ugh.  MORE

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