Lucky she had a backup copy of her password, huh?

User comes to this IT analyst pilot fish first thing on a Monday morning, very upset that her email client repeatedly popped up a demand for a password.

"So she rebooted her computer," fish says. "When she tried to log back in, it was locked.

"We aren't allowed to unlock accounts, so I gave her the number for the help desk and sent her on her way.

"A few minutes after I got the courtesy notification ticket about the help desk unlocking her account, she came back to me in a huff. It was still prompting for a password.

"We use Outlook linked to Outlook 365, so it always asks for a password -- the first time. I went to her desk to help her.

"At the prompt for her email and password, I retyped her email address -- just in case -- then asked her what her password was. 'Thing05,' she said. OK, I typed that.

"Just before I hit Enter, she yelled, 'Wait!' Then, turning to a co-worker, she asked, 'Is my password Thing05, or Thing005?'

"I typed in the correct password, and her email came right up.

"She actually apologized, as she realized it was her fault the whole time. Why it didn't occur to her earlier, I'll never know."

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