Google tries STICKING it to Microsoft with Chromebit announcement

The Chromebit: Asus's sticky Chrome OS computer

Google announced it has teamed up with Asus to create the Chromebit, a tiny USB powered device that can "attach to any display." This of course really means "we'd love it if you would turn your living room TV into a Chrome OS computer." Although the tiny-computer-on-a-stick concept isn't new, a shot has been fired towards Intel's Compute Stick, a similar device running Microsoft's Windows OS.

Who will win? The Google-Asus megopoly or the Microsoft-Intel gigantopoly? It's too early to tell, but bloggers are munching popcorn.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers factor in OS and form factor before making decisions.

Today's humble blogwatcher is .

We find Mark Hachman bogged down in a swamp of cheap hardware: [Please -Ed.]

After a steady two-year drizzle of Chromebook releases, Google and its partners are preparing a flood of new hardware to sway consumers away from cheap Windows laptops.

And if a Chromebook itself is too big and bulky, then you might consider the Asus Chromebit, a Chromebook-on-a-stick that will cost less than $100.  MORE

Forget cable, Mike Prospero uses his TV for web surfing:

The Chromebit is an interesting experiment for Google. ... However, given the limited number of Chrome apps, the Chromebit could be positioned as an inexpensive way for people to email and surf the Web from the big screen.  MORE

When Jordan Khan's goes surfing, a coterie of peripherals are sure to follow:

A new type of Chrome OS device, the Asus Chromebit (pictured above) is a small thumb drive-like dongle that Google said will provide a full Chrome computer experience for under $100.

You'll have to add your own display and peripherals to that cost, however.  MORE

Straight from the back-bending horse's mouth:

This summer, ASUS will launch a new type of Chrome device: the Chromebit. Smaller than a candy bar, the Chromebit is a full computer that will be available for less than $100. By simply plugging this device into any display, you can turn it into a computer.

So whether you're looking for a smaller Chrome device that packs a big punch or a laptop that can do back bends, there's a Chromebook for you...and for everyone else, too.  MORE

'Leet war3z d00d Chris Chavez shares specs: [Ahem. -Ed.]

[The Chromebit's hardware specs include a] Rockchip 3288 ARM Cortex-A17 quad-core processor, ARM Mali 760 GPU, 16GB of internal storage, 2GB RAM, USB port, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, and Bluetooth 4.0. It even has a swivel to help it reach those hard-to-reach places behind your TV.  MORE

Larry Dignan happens to notice a tiny competitor:

Also worth noting that the Chromebit competes with the Intel Compute stick.  MORE

Meanwhile, Christopher Mims is glad he can make a different choice:

Glad Google's latest Chromebooks are inexpensive, but no one should use Chrome OS on an ARM processor unless they have no other choice.  MORE

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