And at 80, standing on your head won't work either

Long-time IT pilot fish launches a little side business helping out home users with their IT problems, and using the best advertising there is: word of mouth.

"A neighbor called me and said she had a friend that needed some help," fish says. "It turned out to be one of the sweetest older women that I've ever met -- in her mid-80s, sharp as a tack, great sense of humor -- and she quickly became one of my favorite customers.

"The phone rang one day, and there she was, distraught and confused. She was trying to set a picture of her grandson as a background image and something had gone terribly wrong.

"Her next few words were a bit confusing -- something about a backwards password.

"I hotfooted it over. When I arrived and was led to the computer, I found that somehow she managed to rotate the screen 180 degrees.

"What she was trying to tell me was that she needed help because she was having extreme difficulty getting the mouse into the dialog box -- and once she did, she could not type her password in backwards.

"I almost passed out laughing so hard. Fortunately, when I could see straight, I saw she was laughing right along."

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