Upping the ante in the Internet of Things

Established vendors also make a play in IoT

internet of things control touch user

In my last blog on the Internet of Things (IoT), I profiled two startups with solutions for IoT analytics. But with IT research firms such as IDC predicting that IoT will be a $7.1 trillion market by 2020, I knew it wouldn’t take long for big players such as Microsoft and IBM to jump on the IoT bandwagon. Other smaller vendors are rolling out solutions as well.

This time around let's take a look at IBM’s recent formation of an IoT division as well as the company's partnership with the University of South Carolina and Fluor Corp., Microsoft’s new capabilities for the Azure platform and Plex Systems' cloud delivery model and strength in machine-to-machine communications.

One of the primary applications for IoT is asset management, and each of these vendors is leveraging its strength in that area to provide a targeted IoT offering, then using that as a springboard to develop IoT solutions for other applications and industries.

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