Survey: Big data interest still growing

Around one-third of respondents report better decision making

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Companies are still scrambling to manage ongoing data growth even as they pursue projects designed to generate more value from the data they already have. For many, even keeping pace remains a challenge.

According to a new IDG Enterprise survey of 1,139 IT decision makers, interest in big data continues its steady rise. More than half (53%) of respondents are currently implementing or plan to implement data-driven projects within their organizations in the next year -- a 6% increase from 2014 -- and a further 8% are considering doing so.

Healthcare outpaces all industries in terms of implementing, planning or considering data-driven projects over the next year. And the larger the company, the more likely it is to have a data-driven project in the planning or implementation phase, and the more it intends to spend.

At the same time, the amount of data being managed continues to skyrocket. The number of companies handling between 1TB and 9TB of data is dropping by 7%, and those breaking the petabyte barrier is increasing by 4%.

Many companies are getting results from their big data investments, with 29% reporting improved quality of decision making and 28% pointing to better planning and forecasting. Other benefits include:

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