How to check whether your Windows PC is hit by the FREAK hack

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Preston Gralla

Worried that your PC has been hit by the FREAK hack attack? I've got simple ways to find out, and links to solve the problem if you have.

The FREAK (Factoring RSA Export Keys) flaw lets hackers launch a man-in-the-middle attack on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections. Hackers can intercept your connections and infect your PC with malware.

There are some very simple ways to check if you're vulnerable to it. The simplest is to head to the Freak Attack: Client Check, a Web site that checks your PC for the vulnerability. Just head there and you'll be told whether your machine is clean or not. If you run a server and you're worried whether it's vulnerable, head to the SSL FREAK Check to find out if it is.

Note that the Chrome and Firefox browsers on PCs aren't vulnerable to the attack, at least the latest versions aren't, so make sure to update your browser.

What is your Windows machine is vulnerable? I've got advice about how to fix it. You'll need to use the Windows Group Policy Object Editor to do it. Only Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions of Windows have Windows Group Policy Object Editor, so if you don't have one of them you're out of luck for now. But Microsoft is expected to issue a patch for FREAK, possibly as soon as this week.

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