NOOO! iPad Pro release date -- put back yet again (IGZO display delay)

Thanks to IGZO FAIL, Apple 13-in iPad Pro release date later than earlier rumored. Sky falling...

Apple's plus-sized iPad Pro has been delayed yet again, because it's taking longer to source the IGZO panels, according to deep-throat sources. What's believed to be a 12.9-inch iOS tablet may now not appear until late-2015 or even early-2016, say the armchair analysts.

Oh disaster: The supposedly business-focused slate is desperately needed to shore up Apple's flagging business, we're told. Wait, what?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers read the runes. Not to mention: Willy

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. (Updated 7.50am and 9.55am EST with additional stupidity.)

Tim "mea" Culpan and Tim "Henry" Higgins tim-team: [Strike one -Ed.]

Apple...will delay...manufacturing for a larger-screened [iPad], people with knowledge of the matter said. [It's] because of delays [in] the supply of display panels, said one of the people. ... Apple had initially planned to begin making the larger version this quarter.

[It's] part of...Tim Cook’s effort to reinvigorate the iPad product line [but it] hasn’t disclosed plans for a bigger iPad. [It] could also bolster Cook’s initiative to make Apple’s products more appealing to business users. ... Even as consumers shift away from tablets...sales of tablets to businesses, institutions and governments are projected to jump to 101 million units in 2018.  MORE

But Lorraine Luk likes the latter explanation: [Strike two -Ed.]

People familiar with the matter say...Apple is now considering adding...USB 3.0 [and] ports to connect to a keyboard and mouse. ... Apple declined to comment.

Apple’s...tablet sales continue to decline. ... In the three months ended Dec. 27, [they were] down 18% from a year earlier. [Its market] share...slipped to 28.1%...from 33.1%...according to...IDC. ... However, the rise of Apple’s mobile devices in the workplace provides opportunities.  MORE

La-la-la-la ICantHearYou can't hear you:

Samsung has no problem with manufacturing enough displays for the hundreds of different tablets/phones/TVs/etc. they make. You would think Apple...could easily pay someone enough to make enough of them...or at least have the means to make the displays themselves.  MORE

Bad news? No, not at all! Jack Purcher paints it as a "strategic" delay (but it's unclear why he thinks that):

The rumors were pointing to the iPad Pro the first half. ... Now the rumors are pushing [it] to sometime this fall.

In the end, [it] appears to be more of a strategic move...rather than a supply chain problem as is being reported.  MORE

Thankfully, Ryan Egan's theory is more understandable, as he makes like The Queen with her royal "we":

This delay is disappointing, however, we’re not so sure [it] was solely caused by display suppliers. Our hypothesis is that plans may have changed and Apple may now be targeting the two-in-one market...due to declining tablet sales.

Gartner [says] a major reason for the decline is caused by consumers ”favoring hybrid or two-in-one devices.” ... There is likely more to the story than a simple screen shortage. However...we’ll have to remain in the dark for a bit longer.  MORE

So Collen Kriel recounts the rumor timeline:

The 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” or “iPad Air Plus”, as some reports refer to it, has been mired in rumored delays. In October...Apple and its suppliers had supposedly “pushed back plans to mass produce a larger-screen tablet to early next year.” ... In November...Ming-Chi Kuo said production of the iPad Pro could be delayed until the second quarter. ... In December [it was] claimed the iPad Pro may launch between April and June.

Should production only start in September, we may see [it] go on sale late 2015 or perhaps even only in early 2016.  MORE

Meanwhile, Shaun Nichols iPhones iT iN: [You're fired -Ed.]

Anonymous sources claim...that the enormo-slab won't emerge from factories until September [pushing] the release of the plus-sized iPad to late 2015 or early 2016...missing the back-to-school and even the crucial holiday shopping season.

[We've] long been speculating on when Apple may decide to release the huge..."MaxiPad." [It] was even rumored to have scrapped the entire project at one point last year [but] a larger screen to work with could be a hit with biz bosses.  MORE

Update 1: What's so special about these displays? Rebecca Kuo knows:

[It] will come equipped with Oxide LCD display technology. [Apple] has been assessing different panel technologies ranging from a-Si, TFT LCD and Oxide LCD...and has only recently decided to move forward with Oxide.

Sharp is expected to be the main supplier due to its advantages...for Oxide production. ... Panel suppliers are expected to be chosen soon.  MORE

Update 2: JPIS 411s IGZO:

Oxide LCD technology...boasts a higher electron mobility than traditional LCD panels. ... That means they are faster and more power efficient than the LCD displays Apple currently uses.

Power efficient components will be essential. [It] will obviously require more power than its smaller siblings...if Apple intends to keep the device as slim as the iPad Air 2 and not introduce a thicker battery.  MORE

And Finally…
Willy cuts to the chase

ipad pro delay wonka

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