Big show: Apple’s March 9 Apple Watch event

Apple announces March 9 special event

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iTunes and Beats

iTunes and Beats. C/mon, it’s got to be time we saw a little activity here – all those recent high-profile hirings have to mean something and given how well-connected some of the folk Apple has hired are (Zane Lowe was a UK national figure), there’s no way Apple can expect those media gossips it just recruited to keep a secret forever. These people are rock 'n' roll, they like to talk…and so do the people they talk with. It makes sense to see some news here, as these secrets won't keep forever. 

The Mac

Macs: You’d have to be really silly not to expect a little Mac news. Why? Because all the market indicators suggest that where Apple’s iOS success goes the Mac soon follows. Is it time for an iPad Pro/MacBook hybrid, or should we be girding ourselves for that lovely Retina Display MacBook Air?

And more?

Then there’s retail. That’s a story we’re going to see more of this year. Not to mention the relative imminence of the next OS X and iOS releases. That's a lot of potential and while some of this may hold until WWDC 2015, the company story continues to grow. What else do you expect? Please let me know in comments below.

Check back here for details of our live commentary on the event as it takes place, or watch it on Date’s March 9 at 10am. It should be kind of interesting.

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