Yes, Apple does own the mobile enterprise

And this is only part of Apple's story these days

yes apple does own the mobile enterprise

Saying that “Apple has an enterprise story” still feels kind of unfamiliar to those who have endured years of pouty-faced critics slamming the company and its products as “toys." But all the data says Apple is grabbing an ever larger slice of one of the most important enterprise tech evolutions, the mobile enterprise.

Apple everywhere

The latest Good Technology Mobility Index Report for Q4 2014, published today,  provides ample proof the Apple now has a big enterprise story to tell.

Key facts for Apple-watchers include:

  • iOS continues to win share from Android. iOS increased from 69 percent to 73 percent of enterprise device activations in Q4.
  • Android took a remote second place; its share fell to 25 percent.
  • Apple’s iPhone 6 family accounted for 30 percent of all activations in Q4, with the Plus model accounting for 23 percent of these.

These figures are based on Good Technology data collected from 6,200 organizations worldwide, including 100% of Fortune 100 commercial banks, aerospace and defense firms and more than half of the remaining Fortune 100 companies.

Microsoft v. Google

Microsoft’s decision to make its solutions available for both Android and iOS may be the only survival stance it can adopt, the report suggests: Windows Phone and Microsoft Surface held just 1 percent of the marketshare in device activations.

It is interesting to note that the gap between Microsoft and Android device deployments is much smaller than that between Android and iOS, which rather suggests we may see Microsoft fight Android to seize share in the workplace.

Perhaps preparing for this, Google has reached a détente with BlackBerry, which may help it combat Redmond but is unlikely to enable it to best Cupertino.

The late arrival of the so-called “Android for Work” scheme is only really likely to achieve traction in the event Microsoft allows it to dent its Office franchise.

Indeed, the Android versus Apple war looks increasingly like the Apple versus Samsung war, with Google helpfully providing the OS used by Apple’s “fast follower” Korean foe -- though we continue to hear whispers of some friction between the two.

“Samsung accounted for nine of the top 10 most popular Android devices,” Good Technology said.

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