Google Inbox is finally coming to Google Apps users

Google's new Inbox by Gmail will be available to organizations using Google Apps starting next month. Here's how to get it.

Google's Inbox for Gmail presents email as a sort of task manager, with new controls for adding reminders to messages or snoozing them for later. Up until now, though, one of the biggest gotchas with the service is it doesn't work for Google Apps customers. 

Google recently announced that Inbox will be coming to the companies and organizations that use Google Apps--but only, at first, for a small group of customers to see how it goes.

If you'd like your company to get Inbox for work, your Google Apps administrator can email to request early access. Inbox is ideal for companies that can answer these three questions with a yes, according to Google:

  • Do you want to use Inbox as your primary email at work?
  • Are employees at your company heavy mobile users?
  • Most importantly, do you want to partner with Google on user studies to help build the new work Inbox?

It's interesting that one of the questions is about heavy mobile usage. This could be because Google wants to focus on the mobile email experience, but I think it's also because Inbox works best on mobile devices. On the desktop, I prefer the regular Gmail experience with all my labs (undo send!) and labels easily accessed. Mobile Gmail, on the other hand, is already limited anyway, so Inbox works well in those situations.

What do you think? Is Inbox appropriate for work?

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