12 warning signs that Apple is expanding

The company has limitless potential

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Tim Cook’s Apple sits at the heart of a technology transformation that is affecting  every life, government and industry on the planet.

Mobile is revolutionizing almost every interaction, and machine intelligence (Siri, the Internet, M2M devices, Big Data and more) is informing and, in some cases, guiding how we will live tomorrow.

On the back of its existing technologies and alliances Apple can attempt to enter any industry and any market it wants. It could create solutions for agriculture just as easily as it could deliver an automobile. It is impacting retail as effectively as it already enables education.

Just as iTunes helped support the iPhone, Apple’s current investments will help it support future products and services, forming foundations for further evolution down the line. Cook’s been overt about this, telling us the company is working on products no one’s even started speculating upon yet.

The only question is what these are likely to be.

We are not yet at peak Apple.

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