With IBM, Apple will own the mobile enterprise

Apple and IBM plan to change the world, one industry vertical at a time

with ibm apple will own the mobile enterprise

IBM and Apple are pushing even harder into the enterprise. iPads and iOS are in the spotlight across IBM’s growing global network of IBM Studios, which put mobile at the heart of digital transformation.


The Apple/IBM deal puts iPads are at the core of the experience in IBM’s rapidly expanding $100 million network of collaborative spaces, “where clients can re-think and enhance their customer’s experience."

Ten MobileFirst for iOS apps are available, 12 more ship next month and over 100 are in development. (I hear there could be many, many more.)

Ultimately, any enterprise will be able to make all its data and processes available to any employee with an iOS device.

Add iBeacon, Apple’s work in indoor mapping services and you can see even more opportunities for enterprise users; Apple Watch-wearing warehouse employees will be guided to the right products using gentle taps on their wrist.

Huge potential

CCS Insight’s Nick McQuire calls the Apple/IBM partnership “lethal," saying: “IBM MobileFirst for iOS has the potential to radically reshape the direction of enterprise computing in the coming years.”

Apple’s devices are already the most popular BYOD solutions in the workplace, so you can imagine the Apple/IBM promise will transform multiple industries.

IBM’s network of centers (I see them as IBM-branded Apple Stores for enterprise customers) will evangelize this transformation – it doesn’t take much; last night’s iOS app demos went so well even Business Insider said something nice:

“You're likely to start seeing iPads and iPhone 6 Pluses crop up in all sort of business locations where previously there was only a till and a phone.”

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