So. IBM starts Spectrum storage software strategy. Satisfactory?

Software-defined...hybrid-cloud...something-something...ONE BILLION DOLLARS

IBM is crowing about investing $1B in storage software. But not just any old software. Oh no. Big, intelligent, software-defined storage software.

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Darryl K. Taft reports:

IBM announced it is committing more than $1 deliver a new storage software portfolio...with a layer of intelligent software. [It] creates an efficient “data footprint” that dynamically stores every bit of data at the optimal cost.

[The] technology incorporates more than 700 patents [with] software defined storage.  MORE

Larry Dignan adds:

The move highlights a reality for traditional enterprise storage giants---data centers are becoming software defined. ... In a big data era, storage is becoming a huge line item and companies need to squeeze efficiencies out.

IBM said [it] revolves around a hybrid cloud approach. ... The plan is to...take intelligence from its storage hardware and allow it to be used as a service, appliance or software...on commodity hardware.  MORE

And Maria Deutscher offers this angle:

Spectrum Accelerate is a standalone implementation of the management stack...that can run on any type of storage infrastructure.

That’s a departure from the position that Woody Hutsell, a manager at IBM’s storage business, expressed...just seven months ago. ... But with up to 80 percent of unstructured data expected to run on commodity platforms within a few years, IBM is pivoting with the market.  MORE

Meanwhile, here's Chris Mellor's standard storage schtick:

Big Blue [is] rebranding GPFS as Spectrum Scale in Linux mainframe environments.

GPFS was recently rebranded to Elastic Storage. Why is IBM rebranding it again?  MORE

That's a question Yes Me has a go at answering:

Because some years ago IBM Marketing became infected with Long Name disease, a condition in which the patient believes that long names with silly component words make fools buy stuff that they didn't buy with accurate, descriptive names like "General Parallel File System".

[And] the more evidence there is that it doesn't work, the more the patient makes the names longer and sillier.  MORE

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