And it was an, um, privilege knowing him, right?

It's just before Thanksgiving, and a pilot fish at this shipping and logistics company finds himself on a team that's porting some of the company's software to Unix.

"The company had paid holidays for Thanksgiving and the Friday after it," fish says.

"After going home on the Wednesday before the holiday, I received a phone call from my supervisor, who asked if I planned on coming in to work on the project over the holiday weekend."

No, I wasn't planning on it, fish says.

Supervisor suggests that fish re-evaluate his plans and consider going in to work over the weekend -- and it's clear that's more than a suggestion.

On Friday morning, fish looks out the window to find the roads are too snowed in to allow him to travel the 25 miles to work.

But on Saturday, fish makes the drive and works about half a day -- even though the project lead never shows up.

After the project is done, fish goes to the supervisor and asks if he's planning to give fish comp time off for the holiday Saturday he worked.

Supervisor's response: "As an employee here, you have the privilege of working unlimited hours for the company."

Fish thanks him for his time, leaves the supervisor's office -- and immediately starts looking for another place to work.

"Two months later, this supervisor was offered the 'privilege' of either joining the work crew of the team he formerly supervised, finding an opening with another team, or leaving the company," says fish.

"Two weeks after he left, I gave my resignation to his replacement and moved on to the best job of my career."

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