We already know the future of the Apple Watch

And that future looks pretty healthy...

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Big data and beyond

Apple has previously promised that developers will be able to create Apple Watch native apps later this year. I suspect this schedule may slip, but it seems likely that as each successive Apple Watch delivers faster processors, better battery life and new sensors, we will see the capabilities of its native apps improve. I am convinced the Watch will eventually replace the iPhone.

What next? Apple Watch users will be generating their own accurate health information 24/7 and will supplement this with specific peripheral tools designed to deliver more advanced tests.

That represents a big opportunity for the development of AI services to deliver actionable insights. Apple, Apple/IBM and others will be able to create services to help Apple Watch users understand their health, but regulation will mean medical pros will develop solutions to deliver accurate health diagnosis and advice. This should make for “better and individualized healthcare available wherever there is a mobile signal. The most exciting prospect in the history of medicine lies before us,” as Dr. Eric Topol told digital health expert Paul Sonnier.

You see, we already know quite a lot about the future of the Apple Watch. And, if you have consistently robust sensor technologies, you should probably call Cupertino, as I think they’ll listen to your pitch.

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