iOS 9: Apple’s desktop-class smartphones

iOS 9 will be the world's most powerful 64-bit mobile OS.

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Integrated power

To think it will be running an iOS stripped down for speed and stability means 64-bit apps will fly like butter from a hot knife. Developers will love what they can do with that.

iOS 9 devices will also enjoy tremendous integration with Apple’s Macs, making both platforms the best-in-class choice for anyone who wants to get things done – from consumer to the enterprise; from oil and gas exploration using M2M facilities, iPads and IBM-driven big data systems to gurning grinning gamers.

It is possible iOS 9 will only be made available for 64-bit devices, so that’s any iPhone since iPhone 5S and post-October 2013 iPad Air and iPad mini tablets. Those on older devices may need to upgrade.

The power of planning

Apple has clearly thought about this – it has been selling 64-bit devices since 2013. Given the typical two-to-three-year upgrade cycle of mobile devices, most of us will already be on 64-bit kit when iOS 9 ships.

So what will we have then?

The world’s most stable, most heavily optimized 64-bit mobile OS designed to interoperate seamlessly with the world’s most advanced UNIX-based computer platform.

That combined platform will be a feature in itself.

Added to which, how much extra innovation will Apple’s developers be able to put inside OS X as they get to focus away from mobile features for the first time in a while?

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