She's right, the CD won't work there

It's the late 1990s, and the ISP where this pilot fish works has created CDs with preconfigured versions of several web browsers, to simplify things for customers.

"We figured that the user could just put the CD in her computer and the autorun.ini would start and the user would only be prompted for her username and password," says fish.

"But one day a customer called an hour after going home with a CD, complaining that the CD didn't work.

"Troubleshooting began. I asked if she was in front of her computer. Yes. Was it on? Yes.

"So I asked her to take the CD out and tell me what color it was. We had purchased two different batches of CD-Rs, and the first batch had an image that didn't test correctly.

"'Hang on,' she said, and I heard her walk across the room.

"When she returned I asked her where she went. She replied, 'To my stereo to get the disc.'

"I explained that the disc was supposed to go in her computer. She replied, 'I thought that it would have verbal instructions on how to set it up.'

"Once she put the disc in the right place, everything worked well."

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