IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

Swatch goes head-to-head with Apple Watch, brandishing patents

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek waves his big IP-stash at Mister Cook

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IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

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Cheap 'n' cheerful Swiss watch-maker Swatch will release a smartwatch at the same time as Apple. That's the claim made by its CEO, Nick Hayek. He also claims the wrist-based shiny won't need charging, which would be a major differentiator, on the face of it.

All this comes more than 10 years since Swatch's first foray into smartwatches, when it partnered with Microsoft on SPOT (pictured). The company says it has vielen Patentschriften, so we might also see the fight spill over into intellectual-property law. (All this despite Jony Ive's ill-advised gag about destroying the Swiss economy.)

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Not one to decline a meal, Fred J. O'Connor looks forward to wearables being "more colorful" soon: [You're fired -Ed.]

[The] Swiss company known forvibrant hues plans to launch a smartwatch. The Internet-connected device will work with Android and Windows [supporting] mobile payments [said] Hayek. [This] comes as Apple prepares to launch its first smartwatch and expandsApple Pay.

Hayek has done an about-face. Two years ago, he downplayed the impact smartwatches would have. Last year, he said Swatch wouldn't develop such devices.

Another traditional watchmaker getting into the wearables space is TAG Heuer [and] Montblanc sells a smart watchband for its timepieces.  MORE

Corinne Gretler mit den Geschäftsführer gesprochen: [Du sind entlassen -Her.]

[It] potentially pitt[s] the Swiss maker of colorful plastic timepieces againstthe Apple Watch. The device will communicate viaNFC and won’t have to be charged.

Hayek is ready to go head-to-head with Apple. Swatch has decades of experience developing technologysuch as long-lasting batteries so thin they’re bendable. [Its] Tissot brand has made watches with touch-screens since 1999. Switzerland-based Swatch said its patent applications reached a record in 2014 [such as] batteries based on new materials that can double their performance.

Swatch is in talks with retailers on its payment system. The device will enter the market in two to three months.  MORE

Did Shaun Nichols really write "No wrist for the wicked"??? [He's fired -Ed.]

Swatch isn't going to roll over and give up [to] Apple. Hayek said his company will build an NFC-enabled strap-on.

That will pitch Swatch into an increasingly crowded smartwatch market. Being Swiss, Swatch was presumably among the companiesSir Jony Ive was referring to when he said [Apple] would destroy Switzerland's economy.  MORE

James Stables bolts the door: [Get on your horse -Ed.]

The irony is that Swatch was founded in 1980 to counter the huge disruptionfrom Japanesedigital watch[es].

Hayek [said] the new line would feature a few "Swatchy" things. The only 'smartwatch'that doesn't need charging is the Withings Activité Pop. The battery lasts six months.  MORE

When exercising, Derek Kessler runs less than 12 parsecs: [This is not the job you're looking for -Ed.]

[It could be] an "automatic" watch [charged] by the motion of an eccentric-weighted rotor [spun] by the motion of the wearer's arm.

[Or use] a watch cell battery, which [lasts] much longerthan a rechargeable lithium-based battery.  MORE

Meanwhile, Mike Magee makes market mirth: [Facepalm -Ed.]

Young peopledon’t tend to wear watches.

[They] use their smartphones for telling the time. [They] need to be convinced that spending money on duplicate functions makes any sense.  MORE

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