Hell freezes over? Apple comes to Android

Can you see what the time is?

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History repeats?

The situation was different when Apple introduced iTunes for Windows: It had a product (iPod) it could sell to Windows users that didn’t require them to abandon their PC platform.

Apple doesn’t seem to have such a product this time. Android users may use Beats, but there’s no reason they will need to abandon their platform to do so. (Many will, but many already do.)

To really take advantage of offering Beats to Android devices, Apple could use a compatible product designed to make Beats even more alluring. Look at it this way: You could use iTunes on Windows, but it was even better with an iPod.

What product(s) might a future Apple offer that could bring Beats users on the Android platform something essential?

I’ll leave you to speculate on what that product(s) might be, but it seems likely these will be connected, smart and wearable.

Hell rarely freezes without good reason.

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