IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

ARM Cortex-A72 -- Phones will be WAY faster, with DOUBLE battery life

2016's tablets and smartphones will be much better, promises the quiet power behind mobile devices

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IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

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ARM, the quiet, unassuming British boffins behind almost all the world's smartphone and tablet chip designs, just unveiled the Cortex-A72 (as well as other supporting bits and pieces).

The new 64-bit CPU-core design is much faster, yet sips much less power. There are also new GPU and interconnect designs, with similar improvements.

All the usual chip-makers will be incorporating the new designs into their hardware, so next year should see a step-change-improvement in speed and battery life -- according to ARM, that is.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers can't wait to prove the pudding. Not to mention: Those Balls Are Perfect

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Oh, if only James Niccolai had a nickel:

The company that powers your smartphones [introduces] the Cortex-A72 [which] will provide 3.5 times the performance of [the] A15 design...used in phones and tablets today. ... ARM's CPU designs...consume very little power. [It] will run at up to...3.5GHz in tablets.

ARM also introduced a new graphics chip...the Mali-T880 [and] updated its CoreLink technology. [The] CCI-500 Cache Coherent Interconnect will move data...up to twice as fast.  MORE

A cool and quiet Chris Williams puns it up:

Watt the? ... The 64-bit Cortex-A72 [is] aimed at giving...smartphones and tablets extra oomph. ... We're told a 16nm A72 has about twice the performance of a 20nm Cortex-A57 [at] half the power. ... A single core going full-tilt will draw 0.5W. [It] can run ARMv7 32-bit and ARMv8-A 64-bit code...includes the usual TrustZone [and] hardware virtualization support.

More than 10 companies...licensed the A72...from ARM, headquartered in Cambridge, UK. ... TSMC and AMD...tout the A57 as server class. [So] ARM's decision to pitch [the] A72, squarely at smartphones and tablets [is] shoving data center tech into your pocket.  MORE

But Andrew Cunningham watches as A. Fonzerelli jumps a shark:

These performance estimates are pretty vague and [not] from actual benchmarks or apps. [But] if these performance claims are [realistic] ARM is continuing to push...its CPU and GPU designs into the low end of Intel's territory. ... Intel is basically giving [phone and tablet] chips away to gain ground.

ARM's improvements in performance and power consumption set the pace for...chips [from] Samsung, MediaTek, RockChip [and] the devices they're installed in.  MORE

A hungry Mark Hachman munches on the salty chip background:

Every flagship smartphone you buy contains [cores] designed by ARM [which] described what...phones will look like in 2016. ... ARM occupies a unique niche. ... The company doesn’t actually make any products. ... Its designs are licensed to companies [like] Qualcomm, Samsung and others.

To connect the Internet of Things [it'll] spare the power to...communicate with sensors, smartwatches, and other devices. ... The new Cortex is [a] 64-bit [design, so] it will see a performance boost if paired with [the] 64-bit Lollipop operating system.  MORE

So, tell us more about this interconnect thingy, Philip Michaels:

ARM's CoreLink CCI-500...promises double the peak memory...bandwidth with a 30 percent increase in...memory performance [meaning] more responsive user interfaces and accelerated...memory-intensive apps.

[According to] ARM...increased user expectation driving much of the innovation. ... Users now want deeper, more immersive experiences. ... Here's...hoping this chip can make that a reality.  MORE

Meanwhile, tipoo makes the inevitable Apple comparison:

It looks like this will finally trump the A8's single-threaded lower power draw.

Single threaded performance is still important.  MORE

And Finally…
Those Balls Are Perfect

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