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PowerShell for beginners: Scripts and loops

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PowerShell primers

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Back in 2008, I wrote a piece called PowerShell Tips and Tricks, which covered the then-relatively new Windows scripting language and some cool things you could do with it. Although PowerShell has been important in the Microsoft ecosystem ever since its release, as Windows Server 10 comes closer to release, we find that many features and deployments are significantly easier and more full-featured when carried out with PowerShell. Simply put, learning the language, or at least being familiar with it, is now a must.

PowerShell is built into Windows, so there is no fee or additional licensing cost. In addition, different server products come with their own PowerShells, too, which expands the universe of things you can do with PowerShell.

I have put together a head-start guide to scripting in hopes that many administrators not yet proficient with PowerShell will use this opportunity to improve their skills and be ready for the next wave of Microsoft software.

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