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Apple Watch

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Apple Watch offers a gyroscope, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and other sensors. The built-in Fitness app aims to help you stay active and allows you to set targets and parameters for your fitness regime.


Tap the button under the Digital Crown to access a menu showing your friends. Select a friend and a blank display will open.

  • Using your finger, you can “draw” on this blank display to create a message to send to your friend.
  • You can also send a gentle tap or the rhythm of your heartbeat to your friend from here (Sketch and Touch).
  • Walkie Talkie lets you send audio recordings.

Watch faces

Numerous watch face designs will be available, each equipped with their own customization choices, such as color, alarms or weather data on screen.

Battery life

Most recent claims predicted 19-hours in mixed use, falling to 2.5 hours of heavy app use.


Press the Digital Crown or raise your wrist and say “Hey Siri” to get Siri’s help.

Neat features

Mute calls

The Apple Watch lets you know when you receive a call by showing you so on its display. If you don’t want to take the call you can mute it just by covering the display with your hand.


Maps will deliver different vibrations for a left or right turn.

Apple TV

You can use your watch as a remote control.


Apple Watch will display a preview of what your iPhone is seeing and lets you take the picture remotely.


Apple Watch will let you ping your iPhone if you lose it.


Start a message on your watch, finish it on your Mac, iPad or iPhone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short guide to help you use your Apple Watch when it does appear.

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