Apple ships iTunes 12.1: What you need to know

Sinking feeling or synch improvements? Let us know...

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apple ships itunes 12.1 what you need to know1

The Quick Tour

The second time you launch iTunes 12.1 you should expect the software to automatically open Apple’s Quick Tour feature. This is the same tour Apple’s made available online since 2014, but now it’s within the system. To my mind, this suggests the company’s been fielding some calls from iTunes users who don’t fully understand the interface. I still get a little confused with the device icon appearing up above the content.

Get Info

Select any track, album or other iTunes media in list view and apply Comand-I (Or Get Info in iTunes File menu) and you’ll see the Get Info window. This is the view you use when you change information about a piece of media – name or track number, for example. There’s not too much to note here, just the introduction of text boxes around content in the window so it’s a little easier for some people to navigate. It is no longer possible to access the old (familiar, effective, widely used and understood, etc.) Get Info window, which you were able to summon by selecting the tracks and choosing Get Info.

Synch improvements

Apple being Apple, the company hasn’t told us anything about the under the hood improvements within iTunes 12.1, beyond its vague promise of “synch improvements”. However, there’s a few notes on Apple’s support forum this morning suggesting that, at least for some users, these synch improvements mean their devices are no longer recognized. It’s way too early to see whether these claims are true or widespread, but  software SNAFUs do seem to happen these days.

That’s everything I've found in iTunes 12.1 so far. Meanwhile, Apple users outside the U.S. hope it will introduce iTunes Radio before the music stops.

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