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Facebook DOWN. Instagram OFFLINE. Lizard Squad: "HELLO"

Reptilian hackers' claim denied by Facebook (but PRdroid blames change-control fail)

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Facebook was down for an hour. Instagram was down, too. And so were a plethora of services that rely on Zuckerberg's authentication system -- such as Tinder.

While The Lizard Squad was keen to claim responsibility for DDoS'ing Facebook, Zuck's squad says it was merely data-center-admin finger trouble.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers swipe right.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Mark Hachman marks the hack, man: [*facepalm* -Ed.]

Unexplained outages took down a number of popular Internet services Monday night. ... Notorious hacker group The Lizard Squad took credit. ... Outage Analyzer first noted Facebook’s outage at 10:24 PM [PST]. ... Instagram was also unreachable, and users complained online that the dating app, Tinder, was also not working. ... Atlassian’s HipChat service also failed to connect. ... Twitter['s] Web site also seemed to be experiencing problems.

The Lizard Squad took credit for the outage. ... At about 11:16 PM PT, Facebook service appears to have been restored.  MORE

Newley Purnell must be new here:

Facebook Inc. on Tuesday denied being the victim of a hacking attack [blaming] a configuration change. ... A Facebook spokeswoman [said] “We moved quickly to fix the problem, and both services are back to 100% for everyone.”

A group calling itself Lizard Squad in December said it was behind a cyberattack on videogame servers of Sony Corp. and Microsoft Corp. On Monday, Lizard Squad said it hacked the website of Malaysia Airlines.  MORE

Thus spoke the pseudonymous scaly mafia:

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, AIM, Hipchat #offline #LizardSquad.  MORE

So Jon Russell leaves this here: [You're fired -Ed.]

Disaster over for Facebook addicts...after an hour of downtime.

One significant repercussion is that the outage...affect[ed] apps that rely on Facebook for user log-in, such as Tinder, Hipchat and AIM.

[So] open a book, strike up a conversation with someone in person, go outside (unless you are in New York)...  MORE

The weather, plus the outage are sending Tom Krazit crazy:

All those carefully crafted images of snowscapes will have to stay locked up. ... I’m not clear what any of you on the East Coast would be doing on Facebook at this hour, given how much liquor it appeared you bought as “provisions” during the day on Monday.

Stand firm, East Coasters: you can still distribute pictures of bros playing beer pong...through your other social media channels. But this long cold winter night might just get a little longer should you be unable to document the snowfall...for family members and those annoying friends from high school.

Stay strong, East Coast Facebookers: there’s always Ello. ... As far as I can tell, civilization has not collapsed. ... But don’t worry, Yo is crushing it.  MORE

Meanwhile, Facebook engineering veep Jay Parikh tweets (and then deletes):

Serving 1.4+ billion people is really ****ing hard.

Sorry folks - we will do better.  MORE

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