A Laptop When You Need It, a Tablet When You Want It

2 in 1 Systems Change the Face of Computing

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Today is a great time for mobile computing options. Back in the day, for the most part, a laptop was a laptop. You had choices of screen size, CPU, memory, and so forth. But the basic look of the laptops was the same.

Now business users and consumers have numerous mobile computing options. Dell, Lenovo, and HP as well as other PC manufactures now offer a wide variety of sizes, weights, screen size and most importantly, built in tablet functionality. You have the Lenovo Yoga that offers a screen that flips over on itself creating a tablet. Dell offers the Latitude 7000 series 2 in 1 with a detachable keyboard and the HP Elitebook Revolve which as the name states, offers a screen that rotates to give you that tablet functionality. So you can see, you get the full power of a laptop based on Intel’s Core family of processors while at the same time getting the tablet experience when you need it.

So I often get asked what is the best 2 in 1 in the market and the answer I always give is that it depends on how you plan to use the 2 in 1 and what features are of importance to you. If you value performance and think laptop first and tablet second, then a 2 in 1 like the Lenovo Yoga is a great option. If you like a longer battery life, lighter weight and thinness, then the Dell 7000 series 2 in 1 is a great option for you. So take some time and explore the great selection of business 2 in 1’s. I think you’ll love the selections.

Intel impacts these offerings in a few ways. Firstly, Intel’s vPro technology allows IT to remotely manage and secure these 2 in 1’s even if the system is turned off or in a blue screen state. Secondly, Intel’s WiDi technology allows you to wirelessly display your screen onto a monitor or projector. Lastly, Intel’s Core M processors provide desktop performance with much cherished long battery life in thin, fan-less and lightweight form factors. For more information, I recommend the following videos which explain these great new Intel developments in more detail.

Intel WiDi Technology

Intel vPro Technology

Intel Core M

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