Are you ready for the end of Windows Server 2003?

Microsoft is cutting off support for the popular OS in six months, so you need to start putting together a migration plan now.

Microsoft had to scream from the virtual rooftops to get people's attention for the end of Windows XP support, and even then, some people didn't believe it. Microsoft had delayed the end of life for XP so many times, people didn't think the company would actually do it last April and were caught off guard when Microsoft kept its word.

Now, history is repeating itself with another major end-of-life for a Microsoft operating system. Windows Server 2003 will no longer receive updates or patches come July 14, and apparently some people think Microsoft won't do it.

"Some customers anticipated [the end of life for Server 2003] would be pushed out," says Chuck Smith, vice president of strategic growth and business development at HP. "Once we have that conversation with customers and they understand this is coming, there is no hesitation to do something. The real stumbling block is putting a budget in place, and the time window is relatively short. So now we gotta giddy up."

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