Apple users: How healthy are your iOS 8 Health apps?

Ask the professionals

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Doctors say these are the healthy health apps:

Extracted from HealthTap’s far more extensive list, the top three iOS apps by category (and the number of doctor recommendations for each) include (I can’t guarantee all the links will work in every iTunes region):

Top 100 list (first three)

Ab Workout Apps

Addiction Apps

Aerobics Apps

Alternative Medicine


Children’s Health


Diet apps

Disabilities apps

Endurance Training

Fitness & Exercise

Apps for Doctors

Healthcare Services

Healthy Eating

Healthy Living

Heart Health

Medical Conditions Apps

Medication Apps

Mental Health

Mind & Body

Pregnancy & Fertility

Relationships & Sex

Running Apps

Skin & Beauty

Sleep and Dreams

Sports Apps

Strength Training

Weight Loss Apps

Women’s Health

Yoga Apps

NB: Many of these apps are available in both paid or "free" versions, some feature in-app purchases. In most cases (but not all) I've snagged the free version, and I've tried to link to the correct app. A similar list for Android is also available.

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