Are you REALLY happier knowing why?

Sysadmin pilot fish gets a request from a department manager to restore a file directory. It's marked "high priority" -- and it says all but one of the files are missing.

"I don't have access to that particular server or backup store, so I sent on the request to the group that does," says fish.

"Before I got a response from them, I got an email from the department manager: 'They just reported they have found the files. Was the restore completed already?'

"I looked into the ticket, and it hadn't even been worked on yet. I told the department manager that there were no comments in the ticket, but it was possible that the files were restored and our people hadn't updated the ticket.

"His response: 'Thanks. I'm not even sure the files were ever in the P: drive where they were supposed to be storing them. Apparently they have been storing them in the Local Files - No Backup folder, because that's where they get backed up. (I'm not kidding you, that's what they told me.) We can close this ticket.'

"Meanwhile, the tech working on the ticket was contacting me, saying that he can't find any files in that folder on any of the backups, and did I have the correct path?

"I just sighed and told him to close the ticket."

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