Power up! The hunt is on to extend battery life for mobile devices

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While users are certainly relying more heavily on their devices, some observers hold that until battery capacity and efficiency evolve, mobile devices will fall short of being the command center of users' lives.

Ranveer-Chandra Microsoft

"Anything we get, even if it's just 5% more, would be considered an improvement," says Ranveer Chandra, principal researcher at Microsoft Research.

"As personal devices like smartphones become more powerful, energy consumption is outpacing advances in battery technology," says Iqbal Arshad, senior vice president of engineering for global product development at Motorola Mobility. "The smartphone is increasingly used less as a phone and more as a screen to your online life. The trend towards larger, higher-resolution displays greatly increases the burden on the power delivery system."

Mobile device and battery manufacturers, app developers and researchers are scrambling to create new chemistries, re-evaluate how batteries charge and discharge, understand how components such as storage utilize the battery and figure out the impact that advanced energy harvesting -- akin to how solar calculators work -- could have on battery life.

Here are five ways, among others in the pipeline, that researchers across the country propose to boost battery life and performance.

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