Acompli: A look at Microsoft's new mobile email tool


As much as we try to, we simply cannot seem to shake our collective email habit. We embrace social networks for collaboration, we use SharePoint for productivity and document sharing, we run Skype to bring us closer and more connected with our colleagues. But at the end of the day, email is the lowest (and most popular) common denominator among working professionals. It is important that the tooling for handling email be great; sadly, this has not usually been the case on our beloved smartphones.

Enter an app that is attempting to change that. Acompli was originally built to bring world-class, intelligent email to mobile devices, notably iOS and Android. Microsoft announced its purchase of Acompli in December; here's my take on how the current version works and what the Microsoft deal means.

Lots of us, me included, work from a phone a lot of the time -- as we're traveling for business or pleasure, or are just out and about running errands. The in-the-box email app for iOS devices is a slimmed-down version of Apple Mail (some folks still call this, the standard Mac OS X email application; it's decent for looking at your inbox in a sort of quick, emergency scan sort of way, for deleting spam and irrelevant messages and for firing off quick responses that are just a few words in length.

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