The easy way to use Apple’s iOS 8 Health app

Here's how to get started with Health

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Set up the Dashboard

Once you’ve finished assigning permissions, tap Health Data and select the information you want to show in the Health Dashboard. You might want to see a step counter, in which case you may tap Fitness>Walking + Running Distance and toggle “Show on Dashboard” to on (green). In the future, these data points will be easy to monitor in Health’s Dashboard.

Set up Medical ID

iOS 8’s Medical ID can be accessed by anyone who can get to your phone, they don’t even need to unlock the device. Medical ID is intended to help emergency services if anything happens to you, so you should think about using it to share your blood type and relevant information about any existing medical conditions, allergies or medication that may affect treatment if you end up in hospital.

Set-up is a breeze:

  • Launch Health
  • Tap Medical ID
  • You’ll be asked for you name, a photo, your date of birth and medical data – it’s up to you how much information you share.

Be sure to leave “Show When Locked” toggled to green, otherwise you’ll need to be conscious to unlock your phone to give emergency services access to this data.

In the future, an emergency worker will be able to take a look at this information just by tapping Emergency on your home screen.

I hope this report helps you get more out of Health on iOS 8.

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