20 Mac OS X Yosemite secrets you’ll use

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Spotlight tip

Stop Spotlight searching particular folders: open System Preferences>Spotlight, select Privacy, and drag the folder(s) you want kept private to the list.

Mail tip

Skip the mouse, use the Space bar to scroll down or use Shift-Space bar to scroll up through email messages.

Keyboard tip

Sometimes hitting tab inside a document (particularly online forms) doesn’t correctly navigate between sections, especially when handling dropdown menus. To improve this: System Preferences>Keyboard, and click the All controls radio button for Full Keyboard Access.

Finder tip #1

You can use standard (Command-F) Finder search to interrogate all your files, but if you know the name (or part of the name) of the file you need, tap Shift-Control-Command-F to search filenames only.

Finder tip #2

Hold Command-I-Option for a persistent Get Info window that changes when you select different files in Finder.


If you have begun but not completed an action you know you’re going to regret (such as dragging files to incorrect locations), tap the Esc key to cancel.

Accessibility tip

OS X is full of powerful accessibility options. To access these type Option-Cmd-F5 to enable or disable the ones you need on the fly.

Notifications tip

Click Edit at the bottom of Notifications View to change the widgets: click + to the right of any listed widget) to add it to the pane.

Hidden user

You can create a hidden user account in OS X for troubleshooting or more – here’s how to do it.

Apple tip

Type an Apple icon using Option+Shift+K to get .

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