20 Mac OS X Yosemite secrets you’ll use

There's always more to learn...

I’ve collected 20 tips Mac users may not have seen before. Take a look, and do share your own tips in comments below:

FaceTime tip #1

If you’ve enabled iPhone Cellular Calls you can dial using FaceTime – just type the number into the FaceTime search field; choose video or audio call; hit return and call.

FaceTime tip #2

Hate your Mac’s default call ring tone? To set a different ringtone, choose FaceTime>Preferences, then click the Ringtone pop-up menu.

Messages tip

To see all the files sent and received during a Messages chat, select the conversation and click Details in the top-right corner.


To add a table to a TextEdit document, just click where you want the table to be and choose Format>Table.

Preview tip

To resize all your open Preview documents (selected in Sidebar) so they will fit your screen, use the option key and you’ll be able to access the View>Zoom All to fit command.

Safari tip #1

I hope most Mac users know this, but if you don’t you should: to view or edit all the website user names and passwords Safari has stored, choose Safari>Preferences>Passwords.

Safari tip #2

When you have too many tabs open to see in the tab bar, you must swipe left or right over the tab bar to see the other tabs. Check the title of a page open inside a tab by holding your pointer above the tab until it appears.

Safari tip #3

To see Web addresses in full in the Safari address/search bar: Safari>Preferences>Advanced>show full Website address.

Maps tip #1

To close or reopen the directions sidebar in Maps press Command-R (or click the Directions button in toolbar).

Maps tip #2

To copy the Maps URL for an address in Contacts, click the address label on their card and select “Copy Map URL” from the contextual menu. You can also get directions.

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