How IT is creating the 'smart' workplace

By deploying technologies like Wi-Fi, wikis and WebEx, IT is leading the charge as enterprises restructure for maximum collaboration.

smart workplace

From pharmaceutical companies to oil and gas firms, enterprises are breaking down silos and boosting the bottom line through the expanded use of collaboration tools and technologies. And IT is leading the charge.

IT executives are becoming collaboration architects who partner with human resources, facilities, and corporate communications to remove barriers that impede collaboration. These barriers range from physical workspaces to organizational practices and processes.

The goal of unified communications is to allow anybody to engage anybody else spontaneously through instant messaging, web conferencing and videoconferencing, regardless of level, role or region. Asynchronous collaboration tools including wikis, forums, emerging knowledge and project management systems and collaboration-as-a-service platforms that enable enterprise-wide information sharing and broad participation in decisions.

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