8 handy iOS tips you’ll use

These iOS 8 tips will make your mobile life better

8 handy ios tips youll probably use

In a small tribute to the eight years since Apple introduced its “Widescreen iPod with touch controls," otherwise known as the iPhone, I’ve assembled 8 handy iOS tips for iDevice users.


Travelling to an event? When adding the event to your schedule toggle the “Travel Time” switch and Calendar will figure out your travel time, scheduling this in around your event so you don’t double book.

Shared Reminders

If you and your partner/family/colleagues all use Reminders then take a look at shared lists:

  • Create a New List (tap on the title of the list you are currently in and select New List +).
  • Name the list and assign it a color.
  • Add items to the list.
  • Tap Edit and then choose "Sharing."

Now you can type the names of those with whom you wish to share the list, so  anyone in the group can complete items, share new items and generally participate in getting things done.

Safari Data

When you search using Safari, iOS 8 preloads the first result to help make loading quicker – but this may not be the result you need and may use up your precious data allowance. Turn this feature off in Settings>Safari>Preload Top Hit, turn off.

Last location

iOS 8 will automatically send the last known location of a device to Apple when your battery is low. You can turn this feature off if you think it erodes your privacy, though it is meant to help you find lost devices and is not enabled by default. You’ll find it in Settings>iCloud in the Advanced section at the bottom of the list (though Find My iPhone must also be enabled). This means if you drop your device in a local park, you’ve got a chance of finding it -- even if it does run out of power.

Identified songs

Every song you ask Siri to identify for you is listed inside iTunes, so you can buy it later. To read the list, launch iTunes, tap the three line graphic in the top right (under the power meter) and select Siri in the menu for the next screen. Now you’ll see every song Siri has identified for you.


Siri will read your incoming notifications for you as they come in, tell you who is calling, read you new texts or let you know if an important email is received. Useful in private, you access this in Settings>General>Accessiblity>Voice Over (but don’t toggle Voice Over to on) and then toggle “Always Speak Notifications” to on. Be sure to turn it off when in public.

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