Flashback to a winter day in the 1980s, and the office where this pilot fish is working as a part-time computer tech.

"I was talking with the boss, who was sitting at the console writing code," says fish. "Suddenly he said, 'What was that? Something just rebooted the computer.'

"Sure enough, the computer rebooted. He went back to work but of course his code was lost.

"We continued to talk -- and the same thing happened two more times.

"After some investigation, we realized that the power cord for the computer ran along the top of the baseboard heater and that the brass coat rack touched the heater.

"As we were talking, I was walking around. And every time I touched the coat rack, the static discharge was enough to reboot the computer.

"Needless to say we moved the power cord and the coat rack.

"He also made me sit down."

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