Apple’s top 10 tips for great product design

Some of the secrets to success

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Take risks

Apple sometimes fails: the puck mouse, or G4 Cube, for example. Beyond product design it also takes risks in product manufacture – the failed deal for sapphire supply with GT Advanced evidences this. Apple understands the value of process innovation in order to maintain its design lead. Apple’s innovation isn’t confined to the products we see, but also includes the processes used to build them.


When it comes to new processes and use of advanced new materials Apple chief designer, Jony Ive, has told us he works hard to understand the characteristics of the materials. New design processes are meaningless unless they create solutions that make sense. Innovation needs time.

Deeply complex

Ive frequently talks about simplicity and the need to develop products so they work intuitively. It isn’t about appearing to be simple but actually being complex, it’s about making the complex simple.

Customers count

When you have a problem, you’ll be surprised how much help you get from Apple support. Good luck getting such quality assistance from other product manufacturers. Cheaper isn’t always better.


I don’t just mean consistency in marketing, I mean consistency across every strand of the user experience. The consistent white, black, space grey materials of most Apple products are iconic to the brand; you find a similar ethic when using OS X or iOS, or when crossing the threshold of an Apple store. Every element of Apple’s paradigm is connected.

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