MacBook Air rumors suggest EXTREME cord cutting

MacBook Air: Only one port?

Despite its traditional no-show at CES, rumors about Apple and its upcoming MacBook Air have proved too hard to resist for bloggers. The latest bloggy rumors claim the laptop will ship having only one single, lonely, USB port. Yet other, similar, rumors have convinced a few bloggers the soon-to-be machine may ship without ports of any kind.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers cut their losses and run.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Leah Yamshon prefers watches over laptops:

Apple's biggest product of the year could be the MacBook Air. (You know, right behind the Apple Watch.) According to early reports, Apple has completely redesigned the MacBook Air, ditching the full-sized USB port, MagSafe connector, and SD card slots for something entirely different.  MORE

Mark Gurman sings an exclusive rendition:

Sources within Apple...have provided in-depth details about the [MacBook Air] and our exclusive artist renditions...provide the first close look at Apple's first major step in mobile Mac computing since the Retina MacBook Pro launch in 2012.  MORE

But Gregg Keizer prefers 'hard Core' heavy metal: [Ahem -Ed.]

The new Core processors and graphics chipsets that Intel launched on Monday will allow Apple to build a MacBook Air with a higher-resolution Retina screen without sacrificing battery life.  MORE

Kif Leswing hears something he can't believe:

One piece of information to take with a grain of salt: Apparently, the new MacBook Air will only come with only two ports -- a headphone jack, and a single USB Type-C port. It's hard to imagine a MacBook without a Thunderbolt connection or MagSafe charger.  MORE

And Tom Warren likes the sound of a cheaper laptop:

This could finally be the inexpensive Apple laptop that so many have been clamoring for -- cheap enough to compete with low-end Windows laptops and Chromebooks, but with hopefully fewer compromises.

It's not crazy to imagine Apple trying to capitalize on the growing popularity of the MacBook Air with a model that's more reasonably priced.  MORE

Then, Brian Barrett cuts prices drastically:

While rumors of a 12-inch MacBook Air have been merrily percolating these last few months, the most interesting aspect of Apple's upcoming redesign turns out not to be the size after all. It's the apparent abandonment of ports.  MORE

Meanwhile, @MikeIsaac believes he will have to spend more:

b/c i really love buying a new set of peripheral cables every year  MORE

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