More reasons why you should learn Java and/or JavaScript

New analysis of tech job data show that these two heavyweights are in a close battle for title of the most in-demand programming language

In 2014, in case you didn’t already know it, we learned a number of reasons why knowing Java and/or JavaScript is a good career move. Now, less than a week into 2015, we’re already getting more data showing that it’s going to be another good year for both languages - or, rather, those who can list either or both as skills. The first example is a new analysis of tech job listings recently released that found that JavaScript and Java are the programming languages that are in the most demand by employers.

This news comes from the International Tech Careers and Salary Index just released by Gooroo, a tech career site. This first in a series of quarterly reports is based on more than 3 million tech job listings in the U.S., Great Britain and Australia from January through September, 2014 It’s chock full of information on various tech careers, roles and skills, including trends in average salaries and job demand.

I was most interested in the data relating to software developers and, in particular, the demand for knowledge of particular programming languages. JavaScript was the language most mentioned as a desired skill in the job listings for all three countries through the first three quarters of 2014. This isn’t surprising, given that a similar Gooroo analysis of job listings from the first half of 2014 also found that JavaScript was the language most in demand.

However, the news was also good for Java, which was the second most in-demand language from January through September of 2014 in both the United States and Australia. In Great Britain, Java was ranked fourth based on demand, behind JavaScript, .NET and ASP.NET. However, looking at Gooroo’s online analytics, demand for Java has been surging more recently and actually outpaced demand for JavaScript in September (it was mentioned in 14.5% of tech jobs listings that month, versus 13% for JavaScript). As Gooroo’s Carl Joseph told me via email,

“... Java demand in the US & Australia has risen sharply from March/April, and to a lesser extent in GB. This has had an impact in the US where demand for Java currently outpaces JavaScript (by a few percent).”

While the news is generally really good for developers working in just about any language, the Gooroo index did have some negative news for some languages. C++ showed the largest drop in demand in Q3 (more than 20%), while C and PHP also experienced significant drops in demand. However, Joseph warned me not to read too much into these decreases since demand for some of these skills may be more cyclical than others.

All in all, though, the news on the job front continues to be good for tech workers in general and software developers in particular. Learning how to program in just about any language is beneficial these days, and learning the biggies like JavaScript, Java and Python can really help boost your career prospects. Request the full Gooroo Index for more info, or just tune in here as I’ll be digging further into the data in the near future.

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