Forget the oven -- Samsung's TV is hot at CES

CES: All about Samsung?


At yesterday's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, it was all about Samsung's appliances? Surely not, bloggy attendees also mentioned Tizen OS, high resolution displays and quantum dots along with the oven and washing machine.

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Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Matt Hamblen skips over the phones, tablets and watches:

Samsung didn't announce smartphones, tablets or smartwatches at International CES, but it did unveil a new smart, connected TV on Monday powered by the open-source Tizen operating system.

The move shows that Samsung is dedicated to [Tizen], which it has used in other devices, including the Samsung Gear S smartwatch introduced last fall.  MORE

Caitlin McGarry wedges some TV time into her busy schedule:

The two standouts Samsung showcased at its CES event on Monday were a dual-door oven range...and the Activewash washing machine.

The [new product] advancements aren't particularly sexy...but they fit in with Samsung's low-key presence at CES...the highlight of which is the company's new Tizen-based SUHD curved TVs.  MORE

We still aren't sure what Sam Byford is watching:

[At Samsung's] pre-CES event...the company showed off its new UHD TV lineup. [The TVs] are beautiful ... the event itself was truly bizarre.

Samsung floated some models in a swimming pool, covered them in blue lights, and instructed them to gracefully wave their arms in some sort of twisted Tron-meets-Swan-Lake fantasy.  MORE

And Donna Tam zooms in on the teeny, tiny, dots:

Samsung's latest [TVs] feature quantum dots, a technology that helps produce brighter images and a wider range of color than conventional LED TVs.  MORE

Buster Hein has no use for any of it:

Dropping ridiculous TVs has become something of a tradition for Samsung at CES, and this year is no different. It's just too bad you'll never get to use their beautiful gimmick.  MORE

But Janko Roettgers finds something of interest:

This is interesting: Samsung is adding what amounts to a kind of Slingbox to all of its new smart TVs, allowing consumers to watch a show on TV, and then continue to watch it on their mobile device, even if the TV is turned off.  MORE

Meanwhile, Lee Bell rings discordant:

Despite making the world's technology journalists wait two hours in a meandering queue...on the first day of CES, Samsung disappointed attendees by announcing a new TV and a few kitchen appliances.  MORE

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