8 great CES products Apple users may love

There are a number of iOS happy products at Apple's other trade show

smart hearing

Apple never attends CES, but Apple compatible products are easy to find at the event. Here's eight interesting solutions to think about when you're not scoffing at 2015's new wave of Apple Watch imitators.

smart security

Smart home security

D-Link showcased its range of baby monitors and security cameras, designed to support Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, iOS and even Android devices. These include the DCS-935L 720p night-vision WiFi camera kits, which work with a compatible hub to give you a cheap way to maintain home security. Alternatively, the facial recognition features of the Netatmo Welcome HD system is also worth a look.

smart coffee

Smart coffee

Coffee makers, fridges, washing machines and microwaves seem on schedule to gain connected intelligence as M2M goes mainstream. The latest CES product to prove the meme comes in the form UK firm Smarter's iOS-happy Wi-Fi Coffee Machine, which prepares your mocha for when you get home after a tap of the companion app.

smart car

Smart cars...

Apple Pay, HomeKit and HealthKit may have stolen the limelight, but Apple's plans for connected cars continue, and Parrot has introduced its (ironically Android-based) CarPlay compatible RNB6 in-dash system. (It supports both CarPlay and Android Auto on a single device.) This won't be the only key connected car announcement at CES: Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen are all presenting solutions at the show.

smart cycle

Smart cycles...

I thought this had potential. Now, French startup Connected Cycle has introduced a smart pedal that tracks your bicycle if it is stolen while also gathering fitness and distance statistics as you cycle around. No batteries are required, as the pedal generates its own energy. The iOS compatible pedal cycles into view later this year.

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