10 dull apps no Mac user should live without

Clever utilities are sexy!


‘Tis the season to use credit and as we give and receive things we neither love nor need, spare a thought for these 10 seemingly dull apps that any Mac user needs.

dropbox pic

Dropbox Pro


Many use the free version and won’t see why you need to pay to upgrade.

Not dull

Along with sharing Dropbox Pro offers instant sync/live backup of up to 1TB of data, so if you set up your DropBox folder as the default Save location for documents you work on, you’ll never any document ever again – and you can remotely wipe your data from any lost or stolen device. ($9.99/month).

Evernote Premium


Evernote’s just a place for notes, right?

Not dull

If you’ve not used Evernote for time you missed when it became the way to keep everything organized: recipes to research, shopping to spreadsheet and business presentation, computational analysis to zymurgical calculations in place. In its premium version Evernote will collate all kinds of notes, PDFs, scnned business cards and more. Still don’t get it? Then read this. ($5/month).



You can’t see it, it’s backup and it’s online.

Not dull

Once you set up your Crashplan cloud backup service (which takes time depending on how much data you have to upload first time) you will never lose a file, photograph, document or music file again. And nor will anyone in your family as capacity is unlimited – if you can get online you’ll get your data back. ($5.99/month).


Crashplan helps you keep data safe

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